Friday, February 14, 2014

AVON Ultra Colour Absolute Miniature Size Review!

So, Last time, i bought Avon Lipstick Miniature. So tiny and so cute. I cant defense my self to stop buying it!
I purchase only RM 6.90. Very cheap. Actually i do more like miniature size so i can wearing it any color in everyday. I wont buy a real size, coz i still have many lipstick on my table so i wont spent money for buying the actual size which is RM 19.90 per stick. I was easier to get bored when i wearing some make up. So for those who wanna looked different in everyday,..purchase it NOW!! it may took 2 month only to finish off all shades color.

There were 10 color shades. All was nice color. It glides on lip easy. But i think it's not too long lasting for those who always used her mouth to eat (like me). I prefers girls who loves eating to wear a tint lipstick so it stayed more longer rather than lipstick. But, this color really absolutely nice and awesome! I fell in love! Really!!!! I never tried any colour except pink, light red and peach. But now i tried all colour included purple..HAHA.. i looked different and awesome!!

Its so tiny.! cute! I cannot resist! and also very cheap! SO, marilah beli. Murah. Jimat. Boleh tukar warna tiap hari. Campur2 dah bahasa aku. 

N200 Plush Plum
N06 Soft Raspberry
N304 Gorgeous Guava
N203 Smooth Plum
N301 Creamy Melon
N402 Bare Ruby
N400 Red Velvet
N101 Ripe Rose
N04 Radiant Poppy
N500 Caramel Comfort

N500 is a nude colour. Korang akan nampak pucat kalau pakai. Tapi kalau heavy mekap mata, its nice pakai nude lipstick. The most awesome colour is N400 Red Velvet. warna dia oren bila pakai. sangat cantik.! Nampak very fresh and young. Ah ye lah tu..

Have a nice day and joy with the colour. Selamat Mencuba!

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